from the land of Puglia
in the south-eastern of Bari
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Cooperative Agricultural Society
since 1967
A Monopoli istitution

Organization of the Olive Oil Sector Manufacturers
with over 500 member

In 1967, it formed the Cooperative Oil Mill of Monopoli agricultural cooperative society. In 1973 realizes the current factory equipped with modern equipment for crushing and Oil Conservation.
1984 is the year in which the Cooperative starts retail marketing through the entry into the bottling facility.
Today the Cooperative Oil Mill of Monopoli agricultural cooperative society It has over 500 member growers and in 2016 got from the Puglia Region, the O.P. recognition, organization of the olive oil sector Manufacturers.

Tradition and innovation on the Italian table
The Virgin Olive Oil, produced and bottled by the cooperative, it is obtained by processing the most mature olives conferred by the producer members, olives coming exclusively from our territory that guarantee a 100% Italian. We were pressed with Extraction technique Cold.
Soc. Coop. Agricola - P. Iva 00270100720
Via Alberobello 192/a - 70043 Monopoli (Ba) Italy - tel. e fax 080.747.424
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