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from the land of Puglia
in the south-eastern of Bari
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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the foods at the base of the Mediterranean diet, a diet which bases much of its effectiveness and the use of wholesome foods taste and benefits for the body. Each recipe, from appetizers to side dishes, and without forgetting the desserts, is in practice use of this ingredient.
OBJECTIVE CHOLESTEROL - Among the many dell’extravergine properties of olive oil is certainly to protect our arteries. This happens through the regulation of circulating blood cholesterol levels. With extra virgin olive bad cholesterol levels drop. Not only that, the good one instead, also known with the name of HDL, is not in any way altered. So the olive juice is not only a tasty dressing, an excellent form of cardiovascular risk prevention.
MINE OF ANTIOXIDANTS - The olive is a mine of antioxidants including vitamin E, tocopherol and various phenolic compounds. All molecules capable of defending our body from premature aging by combating free radicals.
DIGEST BETTER - A giovarne is also the digestive system. The oil is in fact able to reduce the secretion of gastric acids and thus the danger of ulcers. In addition also it has an effect on the liver. Thanks to its balanced composition of fat has a high power detoxifying.
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